Leslie Blackwell, Artist
Paintings of the Gatineau and Beyond

I’ve been drawing, painting and making prints since childhood.  My love of art led me to an Honours degree in Art History, followed by a Bachelor of Education in Visual Arts from Queen’s University.  During my career, creating art experiences for my students was the centrepiece of my teaching. 

I have exhibited my work at Queen's University, Art Lending of Ottawa, the Mayor's Art Festival and Friends of the Farm. I am currently a member of the Foyer Gallery where I exhibit regularly.

Watercolour has always been my first love. The interaction between pigment, water and beautiful paper never loses its fascination to me.  I also work in gouache, mixed media and linocut.  I am continuously searching for better ways to express my response to nature and the landscape, either in close-up or in larger views.

The Gatineau region north of Ottawa as well as the natural spaces around the city inspire me to paint and sketch in all seasons.  Travels in Canada and elsewhere do as well.  If a picture on the website interests you, please feel free to contact me.  If you have a piece in mind for yourself, please email me.

I hope you enjoy my website.